Environmental Policy

The burgeoning of environmental responsibility is undeniable in today's climate;
at Carter Energy Solutions we are committed to uphold the corporate and social responsibilities upon us concerning a variety of environmental issues.

Less is More

At Carter Energy Solutions Ltd, our carbon footprint is more important than a carbon copy; this is reflected by our core policy - use as little paper as possible. We support this via our online quotation form, e-mail or telephone communication wherever possible, and secure electronic storage of customer details apart from those that must also have a hard copy.

Turn it Off!

As Carter Energy Solutions are an energy solution specialist company, we are extremely conscious of our energy consumption. In order to keep our energy usage at a minimum, we ensure that all of our electronic equipment- from kettle to printer - is turned off when not in use.

Carbon Offsetting

Even to put this website online we require internet servers to provide you with our website.
We choose our hosting company very carefully to ensure they meet our environmental standards, our current hosting company plants trees to offset the carbon produced by our servers.

We currently have young, healthy trees planted in Strouts Field, Chesham to offset the carbon emissions produced by our servers for 2011. Working with the Internation Tree Foundation, Further trees will be planted in the New Year!

How We Dispose of our Waste

For the security of our customers' information, any confidential waste is destroyed. Paper waste produced in our offices is recycled correctly via local methods. We do not use plastic products within our business, and we actively encourage employees to recycle their individual waste outside of the workplace.