Why Choose Solar PV?

So your interested in Solar Photovoltaics? Here are a few reasons to get you even more interested!

Generate Your Own Electricity

With wholesale energy prices rising and the new Climate Change Levy on bills, generating your own electricity is a great way to provide security against any future price hykes.

A Solar PV System will give you free electricity, which is yours to use or sell.

Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)

Since the British Government announced the Feed-In-Tariff back in 2010, investment in renewable technology has been on a rapid increase.
The UK Feed-In-Tariff provides payment for every unit generated from your system, which is to say, all you have to do is generate electricity! You get paid regardless of if you use the electricity yourself, or choose to sell it back for an additional income.

The Feed-In-Tariff payment is tax free for the domestic homeowner, index linked and guaranteed for 25 years.
A common misunderstanding is that it is tax payers who pay the cost of running the Feed-In-Tariff scheme, the Feed-In-Tariff scheme is backed by the government but is managed and controlled by Ofgem, which allows electricity companies to increase electricity prices to compensate paying the Feed-In-Tariff payments.

Currently the Feed-In-Tariff for a retrofit to an existing domestic property is 21.0p per unit, this rate is set to drop April 2012, but if your system is installed before the deadline, will rise with the retail-price-index for 25years.

Sell Electricity

With a Grid Connected Solar Photovoltiac System if you don't use what your system is generating then you export this excess electricity back to the national grid.
As explained above in the Feed-In-Tariff section you will even get paid for this export in addition to the payment you receive for generating green electricity under the Feed-In-Tariff Scheme.

Electricity Export is monitored by installation of an export meter, this installation is managed by your electricity supplier, and can arrange installation at your request and could be charged.
Due to the current Smart Meter rollout, if you do not have an export meter fitted and have a system of less than 30kWp then you will be entitled to an estimated export.
What this means is that the company selected to manage your Feed-In-Tariff will estimate that you will export 50% of what you generate.
If you have a system over 30kWp then you will be required to have an export meter fitted to be entitled to an export tariff